Into the light

Back again to photography

Leave the office and go outside. After I mainly created and directed imagery at a desk for many years, I started taking photos myself again. Driven by the easy use of modern cameras, I got excited to discover and see the nature and landscape directly around me.

I started with black-and-white

I took my first steps in photography in the early days of school. Inspired by the black-and-white portraits of Man Ray, Robert Mapplethorpe and Jan Dibbets, I took and developped pictures in an improvised studio and a small darkroom at home. During my professional life, photography became one of the important elements in the design of corporate images. For companies such as Klett-Verlag, DKB-Immobiliengruppe and Daimler Chrysler I created photo concepts, mostly with an authentic and natural style.

Lively landscapes as a current focus

After thousands of kilometres on a racing bike in the countryside and forests of Brandenburg, I was eager to see the world around me as more than just an economically used space. With my camera I now visit places where animals and flora are connected and create a varied landscape again. My lifelong relationship with horses makes me focus especially on them for the new (old) role they play as gardeners in a balanced nature.

Please look here for some more photos.