Think global, act local

Living on the outskirts of Berlin and Potsdam, I have met several people who are strongly engaged with local and regional issues. To experience that with joint expertise and engagement, change can be achieved. Not only the Amazon should be saved, but we also have to take care of the forests and wetlands on our own doorstep. Besides photographing regional nature, I’m also committed to better cycling infrastructure to improve mobility, the joy of the landscape and, in the long run, the quality of life.      

Better cycling

In late 2019, a group of cyclists came together to launch an initiative to improve local cycling. As part of the core team, we organized several open workshops and field trips to gather different perspectives and share detailed knowledge. Our approach: define an overall concept, design a map with cycling routes and inventory the problem areas. The results are a solid basis for our local administration to create an official bicycle mobility concept. A first version was presented in winter 2022.

Since mobility does not stop at the municipal boundary, we connected with other initiatives and active cyclists. We are now using our knowledge to develop proposals for main cycling routes for the entire district of Potsdam-Mittelmark.

Visual storytelling

Most of my life I lived in an environment called countryside – landscapes strongly shaped by agriculture and that look as if every inch is in some sort of economical use. Whether this is the case has led me to go out to photograph landscapes, animals and plants, at a slow pace and with my eyes open. A journey where I learn and discover things that I had not seen before.

With these images I want to show the peculiarities and that there are still some treasures that need to be protected. Highlighting the value of new wilderness, rebalancing and increasing the diversity of flora and fauna for a better future. There are many stories to be told, new friends to be made, and a lot to enjoy.


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