I create visual identities for companies, organisations and brands


To see a corporation as a community with a unique idea, a history, a way of working, a personality and future potentials – the power that arises when these assets become a visual identity and thus alive – is what I strive for.

What I offer

My way

The time straight after study characterized my whole career

Building a new Bauhaus on the tracks of the GDR

Out of admiration for the original Bauhaus I came to Weimar in 1995. I found a university that was intensively in the process of repositioning itself for the future short after the fall of communism. Gripped by the complex task and the inspiring environment, I worked as head of the project office on the new visual identity for the next five years. With an integrated approach, we created the basis for a valuable communication that has lasted to this day.

Creating brands with an idea and a purpose

Attracted by the multilayered aspects, I decided to expand my skills in the field of corporate design and communication joining Damm und Lindlar, a branding agency in 2000. I later founded the design agency Weissbunt. Since then I have been working for various clients with regional and global scope and significance, as well as for institutions in the cultural and the political environment.

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